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How To Choose the Right Workers’ Comp Doctor in New York

Workers' Compensation Doctor Near Me in Nassau County, NY

Workers’ compensation insurance covers all reasonable and essential medical treatment for work-related injuries. 

However, your treating physician could influence the outcome of your claim. In New York, injured workers may choose their preferred doctor, unlike in other states. Thus, it’s up to you to choose the ideal workers’ comp doctor for your case.

Workers Comp Doctors, the home of workers’ compensation doctors in New York, explores what to keep in mind as you search “workers’ comp doctors near me.”

The Importance of the Treating Doctor

The workers’ compensation doctor you choose for your case will provide the first ruling on whether you sustained a workplace injury. They will design your treatment plan and state whether you can or can’t return to work.

If you can return to work, they’ll also state how soon you can do so. If you can’t, they will determine the extent of your injury’s limitations. Considering the importance of these decisions, it’s in your best interest to find a workers’ comp doctor you can trust to make the right assessment at every turn.

Finding the Right Workers’ Comp Doctors Near You

More businesses are waking up to the changing demands of work safety. Still, according to the BLS, there were nearly 140,000 non-fatal workplace-related injuries in New York in 2022.

The injuries led to 83,000 lost work hours in the period under review. To avoid losing too many work hours, here are some guiding principles to keep in mind as you search for the “best workers’ comp doctors near me.”

Choose a Doctor in a Multi-Specialty Practice

The treating doctor you chose may need to refer you to other specialists, depending on the injury you’ve sustained. Choosing a workers’ comp doctor in a multi-disciplinary practice will limit the leg work you have to do. You can see all the specialists relevant to your situation under one roof.

Choose a Doctor in a Clinic With On-Site Diagnostic Testing

Beyond a multi-specialty medical practice, finding a doctor in a facility offering on-site diagnostic testing is a good idea. Most doctors will recommend diagnostic testing to verify your condition and better evaluate the severity of any injuries.

The most common diagnostic tests for workplace injuries are MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans. If the provider can diagnose injuries on-site, they can come to a conclusion a lot faster and get you started on the road to recovery quicker.

Choose a Doctor Ready for Appointments

When you have a work-related injury, the last thing you need is a doctor you’ll have to wait weeks to see for the first and subsequent appointments. The longer wait often means more missed work hours. Worse, you may find it difficult to prove the injury occurred in the workplace.

When searching for a workers’ comp doctor, choose one you can see immediately.

Choose a Doctor With a Healthy Workers’ Comp Pedigree

Most workers’ compensation cases are challenging for doctors. Choose a doctor versed in the process who understands their responsibility goes beyond diagnosis and treatment. Mishandling your case could lead to a denial of your claim.

It’s best to choose a doctor with a proven track record in this niche. 

Find the Best Workers’ Comp Doctors in New York

Are you looking for the best workers’ comp doctors in New York? The Workers Comp Doctors platform is home to the best names in the industry. Our multi-specialty approach means injured workers can get all the help they need in one place.

Our doctors accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection). Same-day appointments may be available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Choose Any Doctor To Treat My Work-Related Injury?

You can choose any doctor to treat your work-related injury in New York. The only exception applies to employees working for employers who use a Preferred Provider Organization. In that scenario, you can only use a doctor in your employer’s network within the first 30 days after your injury.

Can I Change My Doctor Mid-Treatment?

Yes, you can change your doctor at any time. However, you must consider how it will affect your recovery and claims timelines.

How Can I Find Certified Workers’ Comp Doctors Near Me?

You can find workers’ comp doctors on our platform here at Workers Comp Doctors or via the Workers’ Compensation Board database.

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