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The Importance of Prompt Medical Care After a Workplace Injury

The Importance of Prompt Medical Care After a Workplace Injury

Workplace injury can be a devastating experience. Apart from the fact that you’ll need to deal with the pain and go through the recovery process, you may also end up losing income for a while. Unfortunately, data from the National Safety Council shows that 4.6 million workers go through this torrid experience every year.

The demands of facing and dealing with a work injury mean that many people often fail to see the need to tackle the injury immediately.

In this post, we’ll discuss why you should search “best workers’ comp doctors near me” to receive prompt medical care after you suffer a workplace injury.

Prevent Further Complications

One of the major reasons you must seek immediate medical treatment after a workplace injury is to keep the injury from worsening. Even a seemingly small problem can quickly degenerate into a serious medical health issue.

For instance, a deep cut on any part of your body may become infected and cause blood poisoning or sepsis if you don’t get professional treatment quickly. According to John Hopkins Medicine, blood poisoning can cause death in up to 50% of cases.

So, reporting your workplace injury quickly is a sure way to prevent more serious short- and long-term health issues and avoid prolonging your recovery.

Ensure Accurate Documentation of Your Injury

Requesting prompt medical care after a workplace injury will ensure your medical records accurately encapsulate the extent of your injury and how it happened.

Quick reporting will allow documentation of the accident scene, statements from witnesses, and any other relevant information regarding the cause of the injury. The evidence will be useful when it’s time to file your workers’ compensation claim.

Establish the Link Between Your Injury and Your Job

You can only receive workers’ compensation benefits if you prove that you suffered the injury while doing your job. The best way to prove it is to search “workers’ comp doctors near me” and receive immediate medical care as soon as it happens.

If you have a work injury doctor onsite at your workplace — required for workplace safety  it’s important to get them to evaluate your condition right on the premises before you leave.

If you choose to tough out the injury and head home, only to come back to report the injury later, you may struggle to establish the connection between your job and the injury — even if you have witnesses.

Protect Your Legal Rights

As alluded to above, some employers or their insurance companies may try to dispute the validity of your workers’ compensation claim. Seeking prompt medical care ensures they won’t have much legal standing to deny your benefits.

Your workers’ compensation benefits can help take care of your medical expenses and replace your lost wages. It may also cover your disability benefits.

Focus on Your Recovery and Rehabilitation

After a workplace injury, the last thing you need is to hop from one medical facility to another because you failed to act on your injury quickly enough. Similarly, you don’t want to get involved in a legal tussle and pay out of pocket for your treatment.

By seeking prompt medical care from a workers’ compensation doctor after the injury, you can focus on rehabilitation and relax while your injury lawyer gets to work on securing your compensation.

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How Do I Know I Am Eligible for Workers Compensation?

Most employees or legal businesses qualify for workers’ compensation. Therefore, you are almost certainly eligible to file a claim.

What Is the Deadline to Find a Workers Comp Doctor?

The deadline to search “workers’ comp doctors near me” and go for an appointment will vary depending on the rules guiding your employer’s insurance policy. However, you must report your injury within 24 hours in most places.

How Much Will I Get in Compensation?

Your worker’s compensation will depend on the type of injury and other peculiarities. According to Statista, workers’ compensation claims hit a high of $63 billion in 2019. Companies continue to pay out billions since then.

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