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Best Chiropractor Near Me in New York and New Jersey

Best Chiropractor Near Me in New York and New Jersey

Did you get hurt at work, and now you’re searching for the best chiropractor near me? Workers Comp Doctors’ directory can help you find the right chiropractor in New York or New Jersey.

According to the National Safety Council, about 4.5 million people seek medical treatment for workplace injuries every year. Not all these injuries are catastrophic. For example, many people search for doctors to help them with chronic pain due to repetitive stress, poor ergonomics, or minor accidents. 

However, even if you don’t experience a life-altering injury, extreme pain and discomfort can prevent you from working and living a full life. Plus, if you are living with the effects of an injury you received at work, there’s a great resource to turn to—Workers Comp Doctors. The directory can help you find relief by connecting you with a chiropractor in New York or New Jersey who can help alleviate the pain, restore your mobility, and speed your recovery!  

What Does a Chiropractor Offer?

Chiropractors provide drug-free treatments that help your body heal itself, whether you have an injury, chronic pain, headaches, whiplash, sciatica, or any other musculoskeletal condition. 

A Chiropractor offers a variety of treatments, including:

  • Spinal adjustments to realign the vertebrae (this releases tension and pressure and reduces inflammation)
  • Soft tissue therapy (including massage and trigger point therapy) to reduce tension and relieve muscle spasms
  • Stretching and exercise routines to restore strength and flexibility in the joints
  • Taping and bracing
  • Postural adjustments 
  • Electrical muscle stimulation 
  • Lifestyle and wellness education to promote overall well-being 

The chiropractor will assess your condition, possibly via imaging tests. Treatment focuses on improving your overall health and tapping into your body’s natural healing abilities. Research in the journal Spine shows that only 1.5% of workers who see a chiropractor for a work-related back injury will need surgery (compared to 42.7% who see a surgeon first!).

Simplify Your Search for a Chiropractor Near Me With Help From Workers Comp Doctors

Seeing a chiropractor in New Jersey or New York can help keep worker’s compensation costs down. A recent report by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute found that chiropractic treatment can reduce medical costs by as much as 61%, making it an affordable option. Our doctors help real patients just like you to recover from all types of workplace injuries. 

Before you head online and search for the best chiropractor near me to help you recover from a work-related injury, peruse Workers Comp Doctors using the online search page or call (888) 533-0870. You’ll find a top chiropractor in New Jersey or New York who has experience with injuries like yours and who can help you navigate your worker’s compensation claim process.

You have enough to deal with when recovering from a work injury. Let us help you schedule an in-person or video visit with a chiropractor near you and get you on the road to recovery. The doctors in our directory accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection), and same-day appointments may be available.

Do you have more questions about worker’s compensation and how chiropractic care can help? Check out our blog for common work-related injuries, what to look for in worker’s compensation doctors, the claims process, treatment options, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions about finding a chiropractor in New York or New Jersey.

When Should I See a Chiropractor in New Jersey After An Injury?

In New Jersey or New York, you should see a chiropractor after an injury as soon as possible. Book an appointment within 48 to 72 hours because the sooner you see a chiropractor, the sooner they can start treatment to: 

  • Correct alignment
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Prevent scar tissue from forming and worsening your pain 

Can a Chiropractor in New York Help With Soft Tissue Pain?

Yes, a chiropractor in New York can help with soft tissue pain and injury, such as sprains and strains in the neck or back, tension in the knees and hips, and swelling and irritation in the tendons. Chiropractic treatment is ideal for these issues because the doctor can identify and treat injuries that may not show up on traditional imaging tests. 

Is There Anything I Should Not See a Chiropractor For?

You should not see a chiropractor for bone fractures, numbness in your limbs after an injury, spinal cancer, high risk for stroke, or osteoporosis. However, if you have other pain or discomfort, looking for the best chiropractor near me may help you find fast relief.

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